Obliq [Card Kickstand] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case

Obliq [Card Kickstand] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case
It is a premium heavy duty dual layered case which is purposely designed for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I'd recommend this for you since it is not just an ordinary case for smart phone. It is slim, fitting, lightweight, shock resistant, scratch resistant, tear resistant, anti-fingerprint, and anti slip. What else do you need?

I know that a lot of people don't like that their smartphone looks bulky and thicker. But using Obliq [Card Kickstand] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case will benefits you in this term. You will be carrying your smart phone without having worry about feeling bulky and thick. It is precisely made for anti shock, and protection for dropping. The fitting shape of the case is well made and constructed with soft core.

The extra slim does not mean that the case is not safe. In the opposite, it has extra side grip to cover your handset from accidental drops. Recently I mentioned about the anti slip feature of this case. Its buttons makes it happen. It will keep your handset safe from slipping.

Moreover, you can use the comfortable kickstand feature by insertingthe included kickstand card. This can let you convert your handset to be a small multimedia center that can be enjoyed by you and your friends. To make it happens, you can just insert the included kickstand card that comes in the package.

One other thing that I would like to notice is the form fitting case. The case blends very well with Note 4 body. I am also amazed with the sleek and rugged design of the case. No doubt that it is a great protector for your phablet.

I would give to this case 5 stars out of 5. The other thing that I would like to highlight is about the back of the case. It has such kicking feature. And the kickstand, it is just awesome.

This should be No.1 case for Note 4. If you ask me the reason, it is because the case fits perfectly and it still gives the smart phone the appealing look and the accent it deserves. So, there is no lose considering this case as the protector of your smartphone.

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