OnePlus One vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

 OnePlus One vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As the technology is progressing, the demand of Smartphone is also getting high. Every company is trying to get ahead of the other with big screens and new features, trying to provide their customers with something unique and useful.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of such device. It is a feature packed, high end phablet. It is a part of one of the big-phone category and the most important smart phone in this era.

OnePlus One this year is here to bring something new to the field. It provides with nearly the same features and screen like the Samsung Galaxy - but there still is a little difference.

We compare the two Smart Phones to see which one is better.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is rocking a better screen display (as well as the larger of the two i.e. 5.7”) with its AMOLED 2K display compared to OnePlus One’s 1080pixel display is certainly sharp.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a higher processor (Snapdragon 805 quad core 2.7GHz). Its newer chip offers a faster clock speed per core.

Even though both use Gorilla Glass for their protective screens, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 boasts the newer model. It has a better protection against screen scratches. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also has the added advantage of the Stylus Pen and provides double the sensitivity of previous version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s Camera is by far the superior one with 16MP with 3.7MP, also packing a 4kK video recording capability (3840x2160). Whereas OnePlus One has 13MP with 5 MP front. But the OnePlus One carries a Cyanogens Mod which has better customizations options and is lighter as compared to the Touch Wiz that runs standard on your android phone.

OnePlus One also has guaranteed support for updates for 2 years. Style wise, the OnePlus One takes the cake even though Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s rim is eloquently designed. In colors, Samsung device provide more colors than OnePlus One.

In the end, we are left with the Price. Between the two of the Smart Phones, OnePlus One has an advantage in that case as it starts with nearly $300 but it loses because of its exclusive availability in the markets. Whereas Note 4 can be brought from any market on or off contract.

We always see different companies battling on having the best design and feature of the year. Though both the Smart Phones are unique in their own way, you should also consider your budget and especially your usage before buying it.

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