3 Inactive Features of Galaxy Note 4 you Need to Know

3 Inactive Features of Galaxy Note 4 you Need to Know

This is one of the best smartphones in the world, and even if a huge advertising campaign budget tried to broadcast the most important and impressive feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, many of these are still inactive and even unknown by most owners of this phablet...

The main reasons for several features of Note 4 are delivered inactive by the manufacturers are related to performance and lifetime battery. Each time you'll activate a new feature, it means your smartphone will need more processing powers, more RAM and more energy power. So, Samsung delivered this phablet with limited active features, that are considered as an optimum way to interact with the gadget accordingly to the needs of the most people (and usually, the activated features exceeds the common needs of most of us).

But for some people, some inactive features (sometimes considered as hidden features) are very useful, especially when the time for doing some tasks is critical, or we need an advanced functionality related to S Pen, photo/video camera, communications, etc.

So, I consider that next 3 inactive features are a must:

- Handwriting for S Planner: Settings > S Pen > Direct Pen Input;
- Caller Information: Settings > Calls > Show Caller Information;
- Air View: Settings -> S Pen -> Air View;

Also, very interesting seems to be for selfies the tapping the heart rate monitor, that will help you to take a clear selfie, and the Snap Note feature, that allows you to extract the text from a picture and save it into a personal note.

ps: these tips are available for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, too..

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