Best microSD memory cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge

Best microSD memory card for Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a high performance smartphone/phablet, but sometimes its internal memory storage could not be enough for all files, videos, photos and applications we want to use.

The only option to solve the problem of limited internal storage memory is to use an microSD memory card, to store outside of internal memory the videos and photos we made with our phablet, any kind of data files and even to move most installed applications from internal memory of Note 4 to the microSD memory card.

So, what's the best microSD memory card for Galaxy Note 4?

There are two main factors that should determine you to choose best microSD memry card: size and speed!

- Size: there is no logical to use 32GB microSD memory cards or smaller, based on the fact that your phablet internal memory (32GB) wasn't enough for your needs, so, you need bigger microSd memory cards: 64GB or 128GB (Note 4 doesn't support larger microSD memory cards).

- Speed: you can find microSD memory cards that's incredibly fast, especially those ones that support UHS-1 standard, but... there is a very big problem: it seems that Note 4 doesn't support UHS-1 standard, so, there is no practical need to buy an Ultra High Speed (UHS) microSD card, that's very expensive and in a way... useless to use it for Note 4.

Usually, Galaxy Note 4 benchmarking tests revealed that its records can rich up to ~ 62MB/s read speed and ~ 48MB/s write speed. So, you should choose a microSD card that don't have lower performances (also, too high performances for these values means a bigger price for you for same benefits).


You should choose at least a 64GB microSD memory card, even 128GB one if you're using very much data, photos, videos and apps. Also, don't forget to check the read and speed specifications of your next microSD memory card: around ~ 62MB/s read speed and ~ 48MB/s write speed.

If you still have troubles to choose one, then you can take a look to specs of these microSD memory cards to find what's the best for your Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge.


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