Caseology [Daybreak Series] [Black] Slim Fit Shock Absorbent Cover

Galaxy Note 4 case, Caseology® [Daybreak Series] [Black] Slim Fit Shock Absorbent Cover [Drop Protection] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case

This is one of the most remarkable case for your Galaxy Note 4. It is perfect for those who are looking for slim and sturdy case for their handset. Well, as the name suggests, this case can give all.

The trendy and innovative case has always been the good reason why most folks tend to choose that kind of case to improve their handset security. Talking about the case design, the best 3 words to describe it are simple, colorful, and vibrant.

If you want to stand out from the other handset users, applying this case on your handset is the right choose. Caseology Drop Protection TPU case is purposely designed to support the users who want to pick the nicest case without risking their handset's original design. You can expect to choose wide array of colors to choose from. With the colors variations, there is always an option to enhance your handset's apperance.

The Caseology [Daybreak Series] [Black] Slim Fit Shock Absorbent Cover comes with drop protection feature. The premium TPU feature is a decent shock absorbent and bounces on impact. This case is very great for heavy use wherein there is high risk to get accidental experiences related to your handset. There are perhaps some folks who have problem with dropping their handset from arm's length. And this case can protect your phone from its impact.

The design of caseology is absolutely remarkable. This is created to carry the stylistic protection with sturdy protection to the market. The strong features of this case is a banger.

To protect the screen, it has raised lip screen protection so your handset will be safe when you place it on a flat surface. The lifted camera bezel is also good feature to protect your camera from dirt and scratch or other impact. With the case covering your handset, the provider guarantees that your handset's buttons will be still responsive and easy to push. Many Note 4 users have been complaining about the disturbances caused by installing the case such as obstructed access to fingerprint sensor. Well, you don't have to worry. It comes with unobstructed access to fingerprint sensor.

The Caseology's case is designed perfectly by the experienced and professional creators in the U.S. They produce such high quality, form-fitted, and remarkable design of the cases. The precise cutouts allow the users to access the full function of all ports, buttons, cameras, speakers, and mics. This is highly resistant to oil, dirts, and scratches. All right, I think I am enough talking. It is worth to try.

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