CellTM Tri Shield® Rugged Phone Armor Case With Metal Built-in Kickstand, Non Slip & Slim Case for Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4, Beyond CellTM Tri Shield® Rugged Phone Armor Case With Metal Built-in Kickstand, Non Slip & Slim Case for Samsung [Galaxy Note 4] 2014 (1 Year Warranty) - Black/Brown - FREE HD Screen Protector & Retail Packaging

If you are lookin for rugged handset armor case, then you need to see this review. It is about CellTM Tri Shield Rugged phone armor case with metal built-in kickstand. Well, the other interesting fact is that this case is non-slip and slim yet sturdy as the good protector. But it does not end up there. When you purchase this case, you will get free HD screen protector and retail packaging. You will have peace of mind since you get the authentic product.

The CellTM Tri Shield Rugged Phone Armor Case design is the best pal for the handset users who actively use their gadgets and do not want to meet accidental impacts and mishaps. Well, some accidents are indeed unavoidable. But with this case installed on your phone means you can prevent any damage when your handset accidentally drops or bumps. The protection is provided well by this case without releasing the modern and chic look of your handset. This still maintain the original design of your handset without any hassle. Tri Shield is definitely one of the best guards that can protect your device with dual layer protection.

The first shield of protectioon is multi thickness shock absorbing industrial silicone cradle with reinforced corners. In the other side, you will expect to reluctantly rely on the Second shield of defense coming with shock and impact resistant flexible polycarbonate hard shell. The second shield is mostly fond by the folks since it provides the extra protection to reduce the impacts of accidents. But that's not only it. It comes with built in kickstand which enhance the design and the function of the case.

Then there is the third shield of protecion that is the screen protector. This will keep your handset's LCD screen protected when you lay your gadget down on a flat surface. And also it comes with adequate 1 year warranty. I think there is no reason why should I'm afraid of being cheated. This is the warranty.

The case looks great and the kickstand is more than just an addition. This is a solid stuff which can ease you to convert your handset to be temporary small media center. The case is very reliable. The other advantage is that it covers the headphone and charging ports in a high quality body. They keep  the handset from dust and dirts. You can see at the image that this case does a great job for the handset. It does not make your gadget bulky. In the opposite, it is just like your handset is wearing a glove. If you are looking for real protection, consider this case.

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